API | REST (interactive demo)

REST Interface


REST API connector provides a simple way to manage data within RTLS System via simple methods CREATE/GET/UPDATE/DELETE. Data are encapsulated in JSON format.

Data Entities Terminology

Data entities within RTLS Software are divided into three basic groups:

  • Feed – it is most general data representation of physical object or device such as Tag, Building, Zone Definition etc.
  • Datastream – it is representation of physical phenomena such as position, battery level, orientation etc.
  • DataPoint – it is representation of discrete measurement of datastream equipped with timestamp

There are other entities derived from basic Feed;

  • Anchor – represents physical anchor device and its data
  • Tag – represents physical tag device and its data
  • Building – represents physical building and its data
  • Floorplan – represents image for particular floor within a building
  • Zone – represents virtual zone within a building

API Keys

Since the Sensmap Server is multiuser tool with access rights to its data entities a request must be sent with authentication key in HTTP headers. Sensmap software comes with two predefined apikeys:

  • read only key (used in this demo): “171555a8fe71148a165392904
  • write key: “17254faec6a60f58458308763“. This key has CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE permissions, so use with caution.